I wanna be a cowboy


Horseback riding therapy (HIPPO Therapy) is one of those things that you may (probably) not know about. The benefits of Hippo therapy are believed to contribute to core strength and balance- both of which are necessities for standing.

In Ryker’s case, his orthopedic doctors (yes, orthopedic doctor(S)- he has two of them) strongly recommended it for the benefits it will hopefully have on getting his hips into their sockets where they belong and keeping his back straight.

Ryker didn’t exactly take to the horse like we dreamed of in fairy tales to say the least 😂😂😂
In his defense-The first week was SUPER hot, the saddle was slippery and he didn’t have anything to hold on to

The second week we lowered our expectations (it was still HOT): sit on the horse without screaming in his poor horse ears 👍. I’m pretty positive Daddy’s presence made all the difference 🤔🤔🤔…..but the set up switch probably helped as well

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