End of Summer

Ryker ended the summer with his birthday party and short camping trip! Speaking of camping (or anything for that matter)- let’s take a moment to appreciate all the daddies and mommies of complex kiddos out there who go through all of the extra sweating, bleeding and cursing to make family trips happen AND be special 💙.

Really stop and think about all the things parents do when during the trip taking process. What do your kids do while you are doing all this? Run around? Play safely and independently? Take a nap on the couch? Sit on the porch Adirondack chairs and you have no fear that they’ll slide off or fall out and be injured?

Packing, unpacking, sleeping arrangements in “regular” beds, moving around the cabin, traversing the campground, navigating the water park, getting through a non wheelchair friendly mini golf park and pushing a BOB stroller across a very soft sanded beach are all instances of the extra stress that us daddies and mommies face to ensure special family trips will always be possible! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #adaptandovercome #itshouldntbethisdifficult #theworldneedsmoreaccessibility #takingweneedavacationfromourvacationtoawholenewlevel

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