End of the 2022 School Year

Ryker has had a very busy few weeks! He was able to…….

  • ……participate in his first Special Olympics event at school! He did get a medal, but no medal ceremony pic because he had checked out for an overdue nap
  • …….had double hip surgery (check out those screws!) While it was billed as “minimally” invasive, he already had pre-auth for an in-patient stay that luckily wasn’t needed.
  • …..AND still made it to Pre-K graduation the very next day! It was a brief appearance to join his class on stage for their song ☺️ Ryker was thrilled with his laminated Always a Friend award for his class!

The hope is that the screws in Ryker’s hips will slowly pull his hips into proper alignment in the sockets. Right now one of his hips is 52% out/exposed where it shouldn’t be with the other following closely behind. Sadly this is a problem caused by his lack of mobility 😢. This surgery will hopefully prevent a larger and more painful surgery down the road. Mobility is still a work in progress we absolutely have not and will not give up on!

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Star Wars theme night at the ballpark!

The local minor league team is a great outing spot for many reasons, including:
-nobody gives us a hard time about taking the stroller in instead of his wheelchair (this is probably a minor detail but when ya need a nap…. Ya need recline options!)
-no over the top security searching through his medical bag touching all of his Gtube stuff having no clue what it is
-take your own snacks and special Ryker drinks
-park close to the entrance
-not super crowded
-a bounce house for big bro! #maytheforcebewithyou #1fan #stickaforkinme #ilovehotdogs #littlesleepies #purasyndrome