Our Family

Well this year hasn’t been kind to us physically, to say the least. Long term stress and sleep deprivation will do that! But hopefully whenever we look at this photograph 20 years from now we will see two happy, well-cared for children! No one can prepare you for the physical strain alone that comes with parenting a special needs child. Multiply the first week home with a typical, healthy newborn times 100 and 12 months later that is still the state of your life. Things go undone, the to-do list stays long, often times any free time we have is spent simply BEING with our kids. Those times are especially meaningful whenever Ryker is awake. Those are moments that we cherish when both kids are together. Something so simple for many families is rare for ours, where often times our hypersomnolent PURA baby is off in dream land when Chase is home and playing hard.

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