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Happy Thanksgiving to All!

While Ryker wasn’t feeling 100% this Thanksgiving, he was able to sit down for a wonderful meal prepared by Daddy. He tried turkey, rolls, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and apple crisp! The turkey chewing was met with some difficulty but everything else seemed to agree with him. Big bro requested Ryker sit next to him (much to Ryker’s excitement) and he graciously ensured Ryker’s Hawaiian Roll consumption was up to par

Go Ryker Go!

We are so glad to have at least some therapy services resuming in person. It’s so much more helpful having the professionals “hands on”, although Zoom therapy is definitely better than nothing! We feel like Ryker is on the verge of so much progress.

Happy Birthday Ryker!

What a fun little birthday party with special friends for a special little 2 year old! There was a time when the chief NICU doctor told us they didn’t expect him to survive. He has come so far in those 2 years thanks to the hard work of so many in his little village, but most of all him and his drive to work hard and do big things. It’s a different life than we envisioned but he and big bro are making lemonade together 💙

Paint Party

Look at this little handsome dude painting with big bro!😍 Bro might have done all of the actual painting but think about the dexterity and coordination it takes to hold a paint brush. Something most of us never give a second thought to being able to do is exhausting and challenging for Ryker. We are so proud of him! 💙💙💙💙💙 He was pretty proud of himself as well 😁