… And then, Ryker was THREE

We’ve taken an (unintentional) hiatus from Ryker’s pages while we spent some time juggling summer fun and birthday festivities! Big bro dutifully planned out Ryker’s dream birthday party with lots of friends and family joining his celebration. Ryker wasn’t the biggest fan of the heat or the hose water cold water slide, but he did like the cake and animals!

We’ve also been dealing with some negative things that only those in this special world can understand- the transition process from Early Intervention Services to the school district services. We are hoping the most shocking and stressful times are behind us and he can move on to smoother sailing as he begins the next chapter in his life- Preschool! We aren’t exactly sure what his Preschool experience will look like and there are a lot of remaining questions but are holding on to hope that his experiences moving forward will be positive for him and he enjoys school and his new therapy setting!

He is all set with all the “standard” back to school items- personalized book bag (birthday present!) nap gear, new clothes, etc. He is also set with his needed PURA Syndrome kiddo items- AFOs, gait trainer, activity chair, stander, Gtube emergency kit, SPIO suit, etc.

Never take for granted the ease with which your lives and children function. This is an entire topic in and of itself, but as school starts please keep this in mind.

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