Quarantine Life Update

We have neglected to update Ryker’s website posts in much too long!   Facebook is definitely an easier platform for us to hop on quickly to post a photograph or short video, but we promise to get better on here 🙂  We have all been staying healthy and making the best of every day.  We have been making late night or early morning grocery runs as needed and the kids have not been going with us.  Both mom and dad still work so there are extra precautions being taken to keep illness out of our house.  Luckily the spring weather has brought some more opportunities to get outside, which has been refreshing. 

Ryker has been enjoying quarantine life we think…Granted it isn’t very  different than his typical daily life- avoiding germs, respiratory illnesses and any other diseases he would be at an increased risk of vulnerability and severity.  He keeps a small circle 🙂   He has also been enjoying more time with big bro, who is not currently attending his early learning center.   It is obvious that Ryker tries much harder to stay awake and engaged with big bro is around, though he remains hyper somnolent it has gotten less severe over time.   The weather has still been a little chilly for Ryker to spend nearly as much time outside as his brother.  The wind continues to big a huge hurdle for Ryker, as it has for other PURA kiddos we know of.  He simply isn’t a fan of the slightest breeze blowing in his face.  Gusty winds bring out sheer terror.   Oddly enough though, he likes his swing!

The past month has brought a lot of new sensory adventures for Ryker.   He has tried his first Reese’s peanut butter cup, dug his hands into water beads and touched a centipede.  He is agonizingly close to being able to sit up unassisted but is still a tumble risk.   Tummy time always goes better when you have big bro to capture your attention.   His therapy sessions have moved to video conference.  It is nice to have the dedicated time to work on these things, but holding an Ipad in a manner the therapist can see Ryker, holding Ryker up in any position and keeping big bro entertained is only possible to a certain extent and some days go better than others.  Big bro loves to ‘help’ but understandably, especially at his age, he sometimes wants attention all for himself as well and loses interest before the session is over.  It is definitely a two-person job!  

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