Step Into My Office…

Kid tested, big brother approved…. step into Rykers new office- a big boy high chair! Until now, Rykers hypotonia has prevented him from sitting in a typical high chair. But look at him now, owning that tray 🤣 Just a side note- he did not eat those cheese curls, they were just a visual stimuli to help him in his ongoing cognitive development to reach for objects and successfully grab them, as well as feel different textures. The food pouch? He did eat that and as you can see, he loves it! We are now working slowly on introducing more purée and the art of chewing- things that take so many muscles, strength, skill and development to master. Any “typical” child has a high chair. We also had one we had stored from Chase to have on hand for Ryker to use. Unfortunately that chair, like so many other unexpected things, wasn’t suitable for Ryker for a variety of reasons. With a 60 lb weight rating, we hope this continues to function well for Ryker and help him progress in many areas.
Ryker has graciously agreed to share his chair with big bro when he isn’t using it 💙

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