One Year NICU-Versary!

One year ago today our 2-state, 4-NICU odyssey finally came to an end! While our homecoming was daunting, despite all of our training and hands-on practice during his in-patient stay, nobody can quite prepare you for putting the car in drive and riding off into the sunset (literally) with a special baby like Ryker. We were SO ready to get back home and all be together! That drive into the sunset threw us into the great unknown of a surprise new life. It’s been a long year, but looking back at these pictures it’s so nice to see how much stronger he looks today. One thing in this new world is just as clear today as it was that first night one year ago- it is downright exhausting!–2i3DuzNoSvASU7wneBM9_Wl9ISghMDMCXfClGDobYthuVR_XGE

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